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odpeacock's Journal

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mourning jewelry+victoriana+ephemera+oddities

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1900s, amethyst, apparitions on glass, baroque pop, charms, cleo de merode, communion photos, corsetry, courtesans, dances of vice, dead opera stars, diy, edwardian culture, ephemera, epitaph ivy & woe, faeries, flagrant self promotion, gabrielle ray, ghostly images, goth, halloween, hawking my wares, high victorian era, irene rook, jewelry making, labradorite, maud allan, mauve nineties, memorial photography, moons, morbid curiosity, mourning customs, mourning jewelry, nudie girls, olivine, orientalism, peacocks, photographica, post mortem imagery, postcard divas, postcards, pretty lady postcards, psychedelic victoriana, quality psych, repro mourning jewelry, retro jewelry, rosario guerrero, salome, silents, snakeoil salesmanship, solder as incense, stained glass, striped stockings, theater actresses, tinker pride, tinkers, turn of the century, victorian goth, victoriana, vintage erotica