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A few weeks ago I shoved most of the Od Peacock in a closet for…

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A few weeks ago I shoved most of the Od Peacock in a closet for awhile. I figured she could hibernate for the winter and I could focus on other things of import. I'm sure I'm not the only one to be disheartened by the economy and its effect on small businesses. Apparently we're doing better than Circuit City or Lane Bryant. We didn't open tons of stores or incur massive debt. We still have inventory and our websites are paid, so we will trudge forward. I think I still need a week or two of hibernation, comfort movies and making my home more comfortable before reemerging, but the Od Peacock does plan to weather 2009...perhaps not as a full fledged phoenix, but definitely a hard working hen.
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On January 23rd, 2009 05:18 pm (UTC), odpeacock commented:
Aww thanks Kambriel. Even though we know that these things are cyclical and eventually we'll be on the other side of this uncertainty, it is difficult to get past some of the immediate anxiety. But friendship does help immensely. I think I neglect my friends too often and retreat into a cocoon, but then I'll get a nice message or a phone call that will completely brighten my day and I realize how vital a sense of humanity really is.
So in the mean time, perhaps I should have a revolving page of ramen recipes to entice potential shoppers. Best of luck in the new year and thanks for the comment.
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