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Hello old friends. If you would like to add me here http://www.facebook.com/odpeacock I'd love to hear from you.
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We've brought back the annual Theda Bara ornament after a hiatus last
year. All pertinent details can be found here:

This computer can't process livejournals ads without closing down the program, so I can't comment with any regularity. I miss you guys,come find me on the ever annoying but slightly more user friendly facebook under "the od peacock" oddly enough.


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Happy Spring!!!!

Sale at the Od Peacock

I'd like to buy more supplies to finish a whole new line of jewelery that is much more elaborate and more along the lines of what I'd really like to be doing now. So I'm putting nearly everything on sale. Every SALE piece is at least $10 off what it was before, sometimes more. And if you'd like 3 or more pieces I'll give you an even better deal.


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I'm a sucker for other people's initials, so I had to save this aging buckle and make it useful again. OOAK.

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I've been having fun during my self imposed Od Peacock hiatus making t-shirts at zazzle. Both new and old
imagery from my collection appear on the shirts.

odpeacock's Store at Zazzle

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Remember Us??

Unfortunately, the gallery which was selling these necklaces had to close, so I received the remaining stock this week. Sounds like a fine time for a Sale. Everything is at least 20% off the original price. Just specify which one you want at checkout. Thanks!
SALECollapse )
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I made quite a few of these tarot necklaces during the long dark days of January while watching 5 seasons of Shameless. With the hint of Spring in the air I have decided to list all the things I made but never scanned.

As for the tarot necklaces, I think I have most of the major arcana available. Any pendant with a necklace is $13 PPD (US). If you would like a bracelet made of the cards of your choice I can do that for $22. If you'd like a necklace made of more than one card, it is only $5 per extra pendant.

Paypal buttons for necklace with any card

Here's a close up of the Fool
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A few weeks ago I shoved most of the Od Peacock in a closet for awhile. I figured she could hibernate for the winter and I could focus on other things of import. I'm sure I'm not the only one to be disheartened by the economy and its effect on small businesses. Apparently we're doing better than Circuit City or Lane Bryant. We didn't open tons of stores or incur massive debt. We still have inventory and our websites are paid, so we will trudge forward. I think I still need a week or two of hibernation, comfort movies and making my home more comfortable before reemerging, but the Od Peacock does plan to weather 2009...perhaps not as a full fledged phoenix, but definitely a hard working hen.
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For this week only I've dropped the price on many of the items on the site by 30%.
And I've added some new necklaces

and I'm in the process of finishing quite a few girls inside or near bubbles.

This can most likely be attributed to this
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This is the fourth year I've done a holiday ornament featuring Theda Bara.
This year's images is culled from circa 1916 sheet music. The ornament is 2" x 2.5" with a beaded drop and bow. I'll make this available until the end of the year.
Theda works well as year round decor. $15 postage paid int he US, $18 postage paid anywhere else.

Special thanks to Katz for last year's holiday card which I'm using as a background.
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